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6 Must-Do Activities in Phuket for Solo Female Travelers
March 30, 2020

Traveling on your own can often be daunting and overwhelming, perhaps, even more, when you’re a female. Fortunately, you don’t have to fret and panic because now, you have lots of safe destination options to choose from to jumpstart your awesome solo adventure.

5 Great Ways to Engage With People When Traveling Solo
March 29, 2020

Solo traveling has been a growing trend in recent years. There’s a growing community of solo backpackers across the globe wanting to explore the world by themselves, and there are many good reasons to travel alone – from the convenience of single benefits down to discovering yourself. However, one minor challenge is the awkwardness that comes with engaging with people whom you’ve just met. Particularly if you’re an introvert, it can be quite difficult to start a conversation with other travelers or perhaps immerse yourself in the local community.

5 Aspects to Consider When Searching for a Good Hostel
March 13, 2020

If you're a frequent stayer at hostels, you know that a good hostel can be a rare find. Not so often do you show up in a hostel and go, "Wow!" However, it doesn't mean that you'll never find one if you try.

Our Tips For Long-Term Hostel Living
March 8, 2020

It's hard to find a sense of home when you're traveling abroad for an extended period. You bounce from one destination to another and have to adjust to the different customs of each place. Even if you manage to find a town you love enough to stay for a while, it can still be challenging to make it a place you'd be happy to call home. The least you can do is to find a semi-permanent place to stay where you can create bonds with your roommates that you can consider as family.

A Guide on How to Enjoy a Fun Adventure in Phuket Old Town
March 1, 2020

If you've never been to Phuket Old Town before, you're in for a real treat. The next time you visit the gorgeous island of Phuket, you must come here at least once. It is one of the most charming streets you'll ever encounter, and the rich history behind this place means that you'll discover plenty of stories to listen to.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Booking a Hostel
February 24, 2020

With hostels taking the modern accommodation market by storm, more travelers have gravitated towards opting for them instead of the standard hotel. After all, with minor tradeoffs, significantly lower prices, convenient locations, and undeniable comfort, who wouldn’t want to go for a hostel, right?

4 Tips to Help You Find Love in Your Backpacking Adventures
February 14, 2020

Backpacking comes with the fact that you're going to meet new people along the way. This provides the perfect opportunity for you to make new friends, best friends, or even better, someone to fall in love with. What can you do to nurture this romantic feeling with someone you have your eyes on without messing up this chance? How do you ensure that both of you will end up with a great time? Here's what you need to know to make sure that love works on the road:

5 Reasons You Should Stay at a Hostel - What to Know
February 9, 2020

Unfortunately, many people believe hostels are dirty, untidy, and meant for those on an extremely tight budget. While it may carry those negative stereotypes, the truth is, hostels are great! You don't have to be a poor college student trying to make the most out of vacation money to enjoy the benefits of hostels. In fact, the next time you go out, here are five reasons you should stay at a hostel.

How to Make Your Hostel Stay Feel More Like Home
February 1, 2020

When you are backpacking, you often have a limited budget, or you want to be frugal. This is why it is often best to stay in hostels, which are much cheaper than hotel accommodations. That way, you can save money that you can use in your adventures instead. However, staying in hostels does not mean staying in an unacceptable room. Many hostels are just as nice as more expensive accommodations, and you can make it feel more like home. Here are some tips for you:

5 Reasons Your Next Accommodation Should Be a Poshtel
January 24, 2020

Not all hostels are made equal. Some are on the low-end, offering just the necessary amenities to get you through the day. Some other hostels, though, incorporate all sorts of high-end facilities, calling themselves "poshtels." These poshtels act like the middle ground between a hotel and a hostel, providing a fantastic balance of luxury and affordability.