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How to Make Your Hostel Stay Feel More Like Home

How to Make Your Hostel Stay Feel More Like Home

When you are backpacking, you often have a limited budget, or you want to be frugal. This is why it is often best to stay in hostels, which are much cheaper than hotel accommodations. That way, you can save money that you can use in your adventures instead. However, staying in hostels does not mean staying in an unacceptable room. Many hostels are just as nice as more expensive accommodations, and you can make it feel more like home. Here are some tips for you:

Put some photos on the wall

Print some of your favorites photos and post them on the wall of your hostel room. They can be photos of your family or of the places you’ve been to before. They will make the room look and feel more personal to you, not to mention that they are a great conversation starter too.

Bring your favorite ingredients

Home is always about home-cooked foods by your mother or any loved one. When you have a favorite ingredient like herbs, bring them with you when you travel. Many hostels have kitchens, so you can cook your own meals. Cook a dish that reminds you of home and add your favorite ingredients.

Bring a scent that will remind you of home

There is always that one smell that will remind you of home. It may be your favorite detergent or essential oils. Bring samples with you and spray them on your pillow and bedsheets. Your room will soon be filled with that homey smell.

Take out your small keepsake box

Do you keep little treasures you take from home or from your travels? Take out your small keepsake box and put it on the bedside table, so you’ll be reminded with precious memories from back home.

Play your favorite music

Another way to feel more at home and comfortable in your hostel accommodation is to play the music that you enjoy. So before you on your backpacking trip, download your favorite music, which you can play anytime, anywhere, even when there is no internet.

Get to know the people around you

Get to know the people in the area, which is one of the best ways to feel at home in the hostel. Talk to your host, the staff, other travelers, and guests. Traveling is not just about appreciating the sceneries but also about meeting new people. Don’t be among those people who just check-in and pass people by. Making friends with people around you will make you feel more comfortable and at home.

To wrap it up

Staying in hostels can enrich your travel experience, which is a better benefit than just saving a few bucks. It allows you to meet a range of interesting people too. Moreover, you can make your stay in a hostel by doing some things that will remind you of home, making your stay more pleasurable.

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