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Unique Beach Games to Play When Travelling

Unique Beach Games to Play When Travelling

Beaches aren’t just meant for lounging around and getting tan lines. The heat is a killer! So if you can’t beat it, just enjoy it. Pack your bag and go up to a beach trip getaway where you can ditch the gym for the green jungle, cerulean waters surrounded by pearl-colored sands, and citrus sunset. If you’re looking to spice up your vacation with games you can play with family and friends, here are some activities that can help you start your summer with a bang. To that end, take out your swimsuits and brace yourselves for fun-filled nights by the beach.


1. Beach Cricket

A game of cricket has always been popular around the globe, particularly in Australia, though a beach version has emerged where families and friends can have some fun right off the bat. In exchange for a cricket ball, beach cricket uses a tennis ball, while the action of bowling rather than tossing is used balls typically don’t bounce off the sand. Balls that go over the water counts as out-of-bounds unless caught. Other than that, the rules can be made up as you go, making it a sport that anyone can be a part of.


2. Beach Basketball

If you’re looking to dunk on hoops even when you’re miles away from your go-to court, the beach can be a great place to practice your game under the sun. The rules, of course, differ as sand doesn’t allow you to dribble your ball, so the game is rooted in passing the ball from player-to-player. Once the ball falls to the sound, it becomes a free for all for anyone who can touch it first and make the winning throw.


3. Beach Rugby

In any other grounds, rugby can be a tough sport as it challenges players to go rough and heavy. However, the soft sand tends to tone the game down a notch, so being tackled to the ground won’t be as painful as it would on cement.


4. Beach Flags

Known as the sandy alternative to musical chairs, beach flags involves setting a row of flags along the beach. The game is simple yet heart-pumping as players are on a race to steal flags before anyone else, and those without any flags are eliminated from the game. The rules may be straightforward, but expect this to involve a lot of screaming, laughter, and competition hotter than the afternoon sun.


5. Sandboarding

Those who are looking to play with something a bit more challenging can opt for sandboarding, where you can ride sandy waves and race up and down large dunes. Experienced players are exciting to watch too as you’re in for a treat with stunts like backflips and jumps, all while reaching a heart-thumping speed of 50 to 60 mph.


6. Sepak Takraw

Imagine playing beach volleyball, only you’re using your feet, knees, chest, and head to make gravity-defying moves instead of your hands and arms. The ball itself already has a beachy vibe with its hand-woven material made from bamboo or rattan, making it a lighter ball meant to fly across the court. Of course, falling on your feet is a common occurrence in the game, luckily you’ll have soft sands to cushion the blow.


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