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Our Tips for Packing Light to Phuket

Our Tips for Packing Light to Phuket

Happiness is the first and foremost reason for people to travel to tropical destinations such as Phuket. However, you may not enjoy the journey very much if it involves carrying several overstuffed bags around wherever you go. It’s quite a hassle to transport bags filled with non-essential items, especially when you plan to move around and stay at several places during your trip.

Don’t let your emotions win you over and only bring the necessities. Here are our guidelines for packing light:

Consider the nature and duration of your trip

Immigration officials often ask “business or pleasure”? Keep this in mind when you start thinking about what you need to bring with you on your trip. Next, consider how long you will be traveling. These two crucial questions will help you form realistic expectations as to how much you should be packing.

If you will be going on a three-day vacation, bring clothes that are suitable for Phuket’s hot weather. You don’t want to end up packing a coat in a tropical climate. Pants, shorts, jackets, and shoes can also be worn repeatedly because no one is going to judge your fashion sense anyway. That said, try to bring one top for each day you will be staying.

If you are embarking on a business trip to Phuket, chances are that you will have to pack a suit and a pair of matching leather shoes. As you will be meeting business contacts in a less formal environment, bring a button-down for each day. You can re-wear casual clothes in your hotel room.

For trips where you will be away from home for more than a week, consider washing your clothes as doing so will drastically reduce the amount of luggage you have to bring. A week’s worth of clothes is the perfect amount because you can attend to your laundry every few days.

Use the pockets of your clothes

When traveling, aim to maximize the space you have available. One great way to do this is by placing small items in the pockets of your clothes. Doing so can eliminate the need to bring another small bag. That said, this may not be best for essentials like medicine, especially if you will have the luggage checked in for your flight.

Speaking of check-in baggage, opt to bring only a carry-on during short trips. Not only will you spend less on air travel costs, but you will also be forced to pack within the weight limit.

Small is better

Find a way to make your clothes take up the least space possible. Place your socks inside your shoes and roll the clothes that you don’t want to wrinkle. Take your organization to the next level by using vacuum-sealed bags.

This philosophy applies to toiletries as well. Bring travel-size toothbrush and toothpaste to make them easily fit inside a clutch bag. Use the toiletries provided by the hotel to avoid packing too many necessities inside your bag. Downsizing to hand towels instead of the full-sized ones gives you the space to pack other items.

More pockets, the better

Make use of a backpack—preferably one of a carry-on size—that has multiple pockets for cameras, guidebooks, and other necessities. Aside from saving time by not queueing in check-in booths, you can securely place the bag inside the hotel lockers while you are exploring. Backpacks are also easier to carry in transit.

In general, carry-on bags must not be bigger than 22 x 9 x 15 inches. That said, it’s better to check the carry-on dimensions of an airline before booking your ticket. If you need a bigger bag for a longer trip, use the backpack’s day pack as a carry-on.

Always make space

If your flight allows up to 15 kilograms of check-in baggage, aim to pack no more than 13 or 14 kilos to avoid discrepancies with your weighing scale and theirs. Use the vacant spaces for souvenirs to prevent the need to use another bag. Leaving those items behind because of excess baggage is the last thing you’d want to happen.

Discipline is key

Above all, keep yourself away from overpacking. If possible, lay on your bed everything that you wish to bring for a trip and cut the load in half. Carrying the bag will also help you assess if you are bringing too much. Finally, carrying less enables you to enjoy your trip even more. After all, the goal is to create positive memories, not regretful ones.

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