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How to Make New Friends During Your Poshtel Stay

How to Make New Friends During Your Poshtel Stay

While seasoned backpackers may be comfortable staying in poshtels when traveling alone, those who are not as familiar with the idea may find it quite daunting. However, the truth is that staying in poshtels is one of the best ways to make new friends during your trip. Who knows, some of these people may even become your lifelong friends! If you are traveling alone and want some travel companions to explore the city with you, then you should really consider booking a poshtel room for your trip! Here are some tips that you can follow to make new friends in your poshtel:


1.Choose the Right Poshtel

The first step is, of course, choosing your poshtel. Make sure that you pick a poshtel with generally positive reviews. There are many lively poshtels that offer quality facilities that suit your needs and style. Try to look for a poshtel that is quite popular, or else you may end up with a poshtel with zero travelers to make friends with! Also, make sure that you avoid poshtels with negative reviews, including those that have a reputation for thieves and drug dealers!


2.Go For a Small Dorm Room

In order to make friends, you have to make sure that there will be people living with you! It is highly recommended that you go for a smaller dorm room with around six people instead of over ten people. This is so that you have a better chance of getting to know them. Plus, living with a large group of people can be a nuisance, and instead of wanting to be friends with them, you may end up wanting to be alone!


3.Be Friendly

When it comes to making new friends, first impressions are crucial. Make a good one by saying hello to everyone when you first enter the room and don’t forget to give them a friendly smile. To start a conversation, ask them where they are from and go from there. While it is completely fine to appear a little shy, it is not acceptable to come across as unfriendly and arrogant! Remember, no one wants to be friends with someone who does not even know how to smile.


4.Find Out About Social Events and Tours

Check with your poshtel to see if they host any kind of events or walking tours that you can partake in. This can be a good opportunity for you to spend more time with your new friends and get to know them better!


5.Be Sociable

It is imperative that you are being sociable during your stay. If a traveler wants to invite you to somewhere for dinner, you should definitely say yes to them. However, if the invitation is coming from someone you do not want to be friends with, you can politely turn them down. Make sure that you spend most of your time in the common areas as these will most likely be where other travelers are hanging out!


6.Don’t Be Narrow-Minded

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that nobody likes to hang out with a narrow-minded person. When it comes to being friends with people who come from different backgrounds and cultures, it is imperative that you welcome the differences in values, beliefs, and viewpoints. Not only will you develop friendships of a lifetime, but you will also get to educate yourself on new cultures as well!


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