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What to Carry With You When Travelling Asia

What to Carry With You When Travelling Asia

Asia offers countless thrills and memorable experiences. Yet, the great unknown in every destination can cause stress in packing that you’ll end up bringing more than you need. Instead, get into the proper mindset and take what’s essential that will last you throughout the trip.

Bringing more items makes roaming around less enjoyable, and shopping for cheap items adds to your luggage. Likewise, you can purchase some of the things you left behind at affordable costs. Here’s a guide on what you must bring, and which items are challenging to locate because of scarcity or high costs of traveling in Asia.



Some deodorants in the region are just sticky perfumes that contain more whitening than antiperspirant agents. Check its composition if listed in English. You can buy brands you are familiar with, but they are more expensive than their local counterparts.



Locals prefer to carry an umbrella or cover their skin rather than use sunscreen. There’s a chance that the sunblock you’ll find at store shelves is expired or less effective. You may even encounter sunscreen with whitening cream.


Insect repellent

Mosquito-related diseases are still prevalent in thickly forested parts of Asia. Unfortunately, local insect repellent is either ineffective or carry an unpleasant smell. It’s best to pack your own repellent if you’re not contented with any option available.


Passport photos

You can apply for a visa upon arrival in some Asian countries. However, you must bring two passport photos for travel permits and the purchase of mobile phone SIM cards. While printing shops can produce pictures at a reasonable price, it’s better to bring your own copies before flying to avoid the hassle.



Bring a lock to secure your valuables if you are staying at budget hotels. You can also attach the extra lock from the outside to secure your room against burglars. Leave valuables like jewelry and wristwatches at home because they are unnecessary for the trip.



Women understand that feeling of discomfort. Therefore, It is best that you bring tampons from home or buy a generous supply at a major Asian city before proceeding with the trip. Purchase more if you’re traveling with a group of ladies because you never know when you’ll need it.



Jet lag and packed public transportation can take a toll on your immune system. Your body won’t have time to adjust to the changes in the environment if you’re making a short trip. Vitamins and supplements can help you deal with possible sicknesses. If that’s not available, consume fruits that contain the vitamins you need to boost your immune system.


Drink mixes

Tap water in many Asian countries is not safe. Therefore, you can replenish lost fluids by purchasing bottled water or other related drinks. However, with most of these choices mixed with sugar, you can add drink packs with electrolytes to plain water.


Language booklet

Miscommunication is a concern, especially in rural areas. You can address this issue by bringing a point-it book that represents all the questions and expressions that you may ask. There are also phone applications available to help mitigate language-barrier problems.


A comfortable and cost-friendly hotel

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