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5 Types of Backpackers That You Meet During Vacations in Phuket

5 Types of Backpackers That You Meet During Vacations in Phuket

When it comes to differentiating between backpackers and tourists, there are many reasons they are not the same. However, backpackers themselves have subgroups that allow them to claim that they are the “better” traveler. If you ever visit any hostel, you will find individuals with varying preferences.

Here are five types of backpackers that you may meet while traveling.


1.The Spiritual One

These backpackers read Buddhism books and explore yoga or Kabbalah. They talk about the connections between living things and respect, even for the smallest of species. They may even frequently visit Bali or India to perform yoga. Spiritual backpackers embark on a soul searching trip because they are tired of the materialism in their homeland, and they are seeking inner peace, which for them is the key to lasting happiness.

This search brings them from India to learn tantra to the hill tribes of Asia. Aside from clothes and other essentials, they may have a laptop with them to document their trip about finding true freedom and eating organic dishes that improve their holistic health. You’ll find these people exploring India, Southeast Asia, and South America.


 2.The Hippie

They wear fisherman pants, multiple necklaces, and dreadlocks because that’s their form of expression. Hippies may not be the best in terms of hygiene, but they can tell you the details about a book on social justice. Hippies use local transportation, consume local food, and discuss cultural imperialism while begging for money to fund their backpacking adventure. These travelers also avoid most tourist destinations because they cannot stand the rampant commercialism, and that’s why they visit places like India or other developing countries.


3.The Gap Year Backpacker

These backpackers tend to be from first-world countries, and they are embarking on a one-year journey before or after college. They visit as many nations as they can but often visit Southeast Asia or Europe because of cheap flights or more comfortable travel. Gap-year travelers visit the tourist attractions, attend all the parties they can, and blaze another traveler’s path.

Since they’re out to have a good time, they don’t care if they sleep in dorms and join other travelers without planning their trip. They will also stretch their budget by going for cheaper options on food, flights, and accommodation. Whenever you listen to them, gap-year backpackers have several interesting stories to tell from their traveling adventures as they return to their country before they return to school.


4.The Party Person

Sunglasses, shorts, flip-flops, and an oversized shirt are often their go-to fashion style. They spend day time avoiding well-lit areas to get some sleep, and they can even stay in bed until late afternoon. Come evening, they are the first ones at the bar to enjoy the loud scene by dancing or talking to other tourists. These travelers love places like Barcelona, Prague, Amsterdam, and the beaches of Thailand.


5.The Couple

Backpacking couples conduct wholesome sightseeing and touring activities as if they are on an extended honeymoon. They avoid backpacker ghettos, and spending time with older travelers is their concept of fun. These couples prefer to relax at bars instead of going wild while following the music. You’ll find backpacking couples anywhere in the world, especially newlyweds who are enjoying a vacation before returning to their routine.


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