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5 Reasons Your Next Accommodation Should Be a Poshtel

5 Reasons Your Next Accommodation Should Be a Poshtel

Not all hostels are made equal. Some are on the low-end, offering just the necessary amenities to get you through the day. Some other hostels, though, incorporate all sorts of high-end facilities, calling themselves “poshtels.” These poshtels act like the middle ground between a hotel and a hostel, providing a fantastic balance of luxury and affordability.

With that said, here are five reasons your next accommodation should be a poshtel:

1. Private Rooms Are Available

Many people prefer staying at a hotel over a hostel or a poshtel for the sole reason that a hotel offers much more privacy. While this might be true for some poshtels, it isn’t always the case.

Some poshtels allow people to book private rooms, meaning that anyone can enjoy the same privacy as they would in a hotel for the margin of the cost. That said, if you prioritize privacy but want to do your best to save money, book a private poshtel room.

2. Clean and Tidy

Apart from privacy being a concern for many, hygiene is just as important to some, perhaps for everyone. Unfortunately, this is the aspect where hostels fall short. If you ask anyone what they think about hostels, they’ll probably talk about the smelly toilets.

Fortunately, a poshtel offers excellent hygiene, meaning that one can still enjoy the wonders of a hostel without all the dirt.

3. The Staffs Are Experts

While some people associate the staff of poshtels with being just other backpackers, they’re experts at what they do. Being travelers just like you are, they know all the ins and outs of exploring the local area, as well as staying at the poshtel they’re running.

This means that anyone with any question or problem at all can head to any of the staff, and more than likely get the answer they need, or the problem solved.

4. You Gain the Most Bang for Buck

While poshtels are generally much more expensive than hostels, they aren’t as expensive as hotels.

Of course, this extra increase in price that poshtels call for might leave you wondering if they’re still worth the money. Well, factoring the fact that you gain a clean bed, toilet, and excellent management, not to mention peace, you might find that it is well worth the money.

5. Poshtels Look Amazing

One of the most apparent differences between hostels and poshtels is the aesthetics of the area. Poshtels are generally designed in a way to look extraordinarily welcoming and friendly, with an aura of peace and excitement at once.

That said, one might argue that looks aren’t worth paying extra for. However, knowing that a beautiful looking place stirs excitement, not to mention makes the place more memorable, we argue that it is! With so many differently themed poshtels out there, the choices are plenty, and the adventures are many.

Bottom Line

There are just many reasons you should be booking your next accommodation at a poshtel. They’re the best of both worlds, offering the flexibility of hostels and the luxury of hotels in one. That said, every poshtel is different from another, meaning that there are plenty of places you can try out every time you decide to visit another location. Enjoy your trip, and rest well in your poshtel! If you’re looking for a luxury hostel in Phuket, book with us today!