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4 Tips to Make Staying in a Hostel in Phuket a Good Experience

4 Tips to Make Staying in a Hostel in Phuket a Good Experience

While staying at a hostel can be exciting and fun, there could be challenges that you may face that could ruin the experience. For example, you might be nervous around new people, or you may not know your way around the hostel. While you will adapt and overcome these problems after a prolonged stay, it will certainly help to know what to do to make the ordeal a little bit easier to handle in the first place.

That said, here are four tips to help you make an initial stay in a hostel much more comfortable.


1.Make new friends

Whether you’re staying in your private hostel room or a shared one, it is always a great opportunity to make new friends. This is because they’ll become the people who you can hang out with doing activities or generally just talking to each other. This will seriously help in terms of helping you not to feel too homesick. Of course, they’ll also be there to help you out if you’re having trouble with anything, and you to them as well.

As a precaution, however, remember that you do not have to make friends with everyone. If you find that someone is negative, you don’t have to force yourself to be friends with that individual. In other words, choose your friends wisely.


2.Learn to be responsible

Often, you’ll have to be running your errands by yourself. Doing the laundry, cleaning up the room, tidying up the bed—all these tasks, you will have to learn how to complete them by yourself. In doing so, you’ll grow confidence as you slowly learn to survive and thrive on your own. In other words, such experiences and habits will help you become more responsible.


3.Decorate your room (or bed)

While you may not always spend much of your time in the hostel, it will be the place you would want to be as comfortable as possible after a tiring day. Decorate your room in such a way that makes you feel that way. If you’re sharing rooms, you can still add some decorations to your portion of the room, if your roommate is fine with it, of course. At the very least, make your bed as comfortable as possible. The relief you will feel to see a well-made, comfortable bed ready to embrace you after a long day is like no other.


4.Learn to say “no”

Sometimes, your new friends might grow a little too comfortable with you after some time. They may end up doing things that you find a bit annoying. For example, you might find out that they’re using your toothpaste, shampoo, and soap. Although you may not want to make a big deal out of it, don’t be afraid to set boundaries with them if needed. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy their company while still staying sane.

When you move away from your home and bunk at a hostel, keep in mind that the situations will be different. The comfort of the home and room will no longer be with you. However, what will allow you to make hostel life more comfortable is your ability to adjust to living in a new space.

When you see new faces, work with new facilities, and sleep on a different bed, your ability to adapt will make or break your initial experience of staying at a hostel. To that end, remember to make new friends, set some ground rules, teach yourself to be responsible, and make your new home feel like home. That way, you’ll make hostel life much more comfortable and bearable.

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