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4 Reasons You Should Book at a Hostel Over a Hotel – What to Know

4 Reasons You Should Book at a Hostel Over a Hotel – What to Know

It might be hard to convince those who’ve never been to a hostel to try one out. Unfortunately, a hostel has carried quite a bad rep. To make things worse, plenty of budget hotels are also popping up, giving more and more people the incentive of booking a hotel over a hostel.

However, that doesn’t mean that the hostel is obsolete. There are some things hostels can do better than hotels cannot ever dream of doing. If you need reasons to convince your friends to choose a hostel or yourself to book at one, here are four of them:


1.Extremely Accommodating

One of the best things about booking a hostel is how accommodating and flexible they are. Even if you show up at a hostel in need of a room, they’ll most likely have a bed available for you to book on the spot. Of course, this wouldn’t be possible if the hostel was full, so we always recommend that you book earlier. With that said, you don’t have to worry either if you want to cancel a booking and opt for another place. Cancellation isn’t expensive, and you can often book the literal minute you wish to enter another hostel.


2.Knowledgeable Staff

Unlike most hotel staff, the ones working at hostels are usually travelers, too. That means that they’re incredibly knowledgeable of at least the area around them. If you are ever in need of extra information, such as asking where the right places are to eat or attractions to visit, they can give you a few pointers and perhaps even a map to different places of interest.


3.Great for All Budgets

Whether you have all the money in the world, or you have a few dollars to spare, hostels can accommodate every budget. If you don’t mind sharing a room with other strangers, you can save a lot of money by booking a shared room. Of course, if you want a little privacy, hostels offer that too, albeit at a higher cost. Either way, you’ll still get to enjoy all the benefits that hostels have to offer.


4.Excellent Place to Socialize

Solo traveling can get lonely sometimes. You might be lost in the city or lying down alone, missing all the interactions you have back at home. Well, in a hostel, you won’t have that problem.

Of all the reasons you should be going to a hostel, the opportunity to socialize with other travelers should be a considerable incentive. Not only are you allowed to share wonderful stories of your travels, but you can listen to tips and tricks on how to make trips much easier too. This is also your chance to build new relationships, creating new friends, and perhaps even more than just friends. Of course, you’d have to be a little brave to start the chat and keep it up, but if you’re already traveling by yourself, this shouldn’t be a problem at all.

If you need a reason to book a hostel over a hotel, remember the reasons we’ve given you. They are affordable, accommodating, and filled with social opportunities and knowledgeable staff. With that said, always make sure to do a little research on a hostel before you go ahead and book. That way, you know that you will indeed enjoy all that hostels have to offer.

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