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4 Reasons Why Backpacking Will Change Your Life for the Better

4 Reasons Why Backpacking Will Change Your Life for the Better

When the term “backpacking” comes to mind, most people think of travelling the world in relative discomfort. It’s a stark contrast from the free-and-easy feel that comes with globetrotting with tour groups. With a rise in adrenaline junky-ism taking the traveling and tourism industries by storm, however, it is understandable that the interest in backpacking is increasing.

In comparison to conventional styles of traveling, backpacking allows people to be immersed in the aspect of the journey—inevitably bringing in more exposure during the trip. The increase in the number of backpackers can be attributed to various reasons, such as priceless experiences and cheaper costs. Even so, there’s one particular benefit that keeps people hooked: backpacking can change people’s lives for the better.

Although it may sound like an exaggeration, the number of people who adamantly believe that backpacking changed their life continues to grow exponentially as awareness of the trend spreads. Often referred to as an experience that allows people to discover themselves, backpacking has amassed a loyal following that vows never to travel “regularly” again.

While backpacking may seem like an intimidating option to go with at first, it’s there are concrete reasons people enjoy it so much. If you’ve been thinking of taking a risk or trying something completely new, here are a few reasons why backpacking will change your life for the better:

1. Backpacking allows you to step into the shoes of people from various cultures

For starters, backpacking automatically forgoes creature comforts and luxury, swapping out five-star villas for humble abodes and communal spaces. While the sudden change might cause a bit of culture shock for some, it’s relatively easy to acclimate to more humble types of accommodation. More often than not, backpackers end up staying with host families, giving invaluable insight as to how locals live in every destination they visit.

2. You’ll meet other backpackers from all walks of life

Aside from getting to know the culture of the destination itself, backpacking also allows travelers to meet other backpackers from culturally diverse backgrounds. The majority of fellow backpackers that you’ll come across on your travels are eager to share experiences, give important tips, and are more than happy to make friends, so feel free to socialize with them.

3. Backpacking is more about following what your heart desires than following a plan or itinerary

While some people may call it cramming, and others might perceive it as irresponsibility, the essence of backpacking is relying on what your heart desires instead of following a detailed plan. Most people learn more about themselves during backpacking trips because they’re essentially forced to go with their gut feelings.

4. Self-sufficiency is the norm for backpacking

Going on a backpacking trip can be understandably intimidating for some people because there are so many different ways things could go wrong. Nonetheless, the great part about being self-sufficient during a backpacking trip is that it becomes much easier to live a humble life, generating an opportunity to take on a life-changing perspective.

Backpacking provides tourists opportunities to explore the world from a different perspective, allowing them to immerse themselves in the culture of the destination. The experience of backpacking itself is life-changing and an opportunity you should never miss!

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