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3 Ways to Cope with Traveling Fears

3 Ways to Cope with Traveling Fears

Many people from different parts of the globe have a wanderlust that makes them yearn to explore new places, but there’s one part of traveling that isn’t as exciting: flying. In between costly fairs, airport delays, long waiting lines, and lost luggage, flying can be a hassle for a lot of travelers. However, there are a few that see flying as a terrifying ordeal, causing them to halt their travel plans in the process.

The fear of traveling is known as hodophobia, which manifests in various ways: from near-inability to leave home to fear of traveling to new places. Some triggers include modes of transportation such as planes, trains, and other types of trips.

Beyond the feeling of paralyzing fear, the phobia makes it difficult to perform tasks involved in a trip. This includes navigating the airport, checking in your luggage, reading a map, or even looking for a place to eat in a new and exotic city. With that in mind, how do you deal with anxiety on the road and enjoy life beyond your comfort zone?

If you’re on a mission to overcome your fear, we’ve got you covered as we explore tried and true tips you can pack with you as a source of courage for your trip.

Tip #1: Plan Your Route

Fear of traveling is often synonymous with a fear of the unknown. This lack of awareness can cause an anxious mind to overthink, which is why it’s crucial to sit down with a map and plan your route in your dream destination. This includes familiarizing yourself with different modes of transportations and accommodations so you can visualize how your day will go.

This will give you the chance to focus on relishing a new culture and help create a fool-proof itinerary where you know places of interest, where to try the best food, and places to avoid. Additionally, knowing all about the picturesque spots you need to visit in your stay is an excellent way to hype yourself up for the upcoming trip.

Tip #2: Start Small or Jump Right In

If you’re planning your first trip, a safe route is to choose a location that is close to your culture and comfort zone. This means that you can take small steps by traveling domestically, which is a fun way to test the waters as you head over the opposite coast for the weekend.

If you’re willing to leap, you can drive right into the unknown and book a flight somewhere remote, exotic, and have a world of difference with what you know. This can be a life-changing and liberating experience, though it may be in your best interest to include a friend or family member you can rely on during the trip.

Having someone familiar to help you navigate a new country can help root you in reality and keep you from overwhelming yourself with fear. Not to mention, having someone to share an exciting experience makes the whole vacation feel twice as fun.

Tip #3: Create a Bucket List

You can help yourself overcome your fear of traveling by taking the effort to pen down top experiences you’ve been dreaming of doing.

The fact that you booked a flight is a proactive step towards your goals, so keep yourself excited by having a list of activities you want to dive in to – be it something as simple as tasting the exotic flavors of a different culture or thrilling as going on a kayaking adventure. Whatever it is, start small, so you can gain enough confidence to take a bigger leap.

Having an explicit guide will eliminate feelings of confusion and confers a sense of excitement as you know exactly how you want to reach your goals in your getaway plan. With that in mind, take the time to confirm your bookings and thoroughly research your desired location to ease your worries. Who knows, by the end of your vacation, you may find your fear of leaving home a thing of the past.

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